Vahagn Stepanyan


5 Ways I Can Help ...


• Music Arranging

Do you have a recording or piece of music that needs to be arranged or rearranged to feet in any style? Contact Vahagn with details on what you would like. Your finished project can be uploaded to you (track by track) in any audio file format of your preference. Guaranteed fast, quality service.


• Songwriting

Do you need music tracks for your next project? Allow Vahagn to write original compositions, musical production or license your project. Contact Vahagn and include a few details of what you need.


• Recording Piano/Keyboard Tracks

Do you have a recording you're working on and need piano or keyboard tracks? Send Vahagn your track and rough mix, and he will send your tracks back in whatever audio file format you need. Mention track tempo in BPM.


• Film Soundtracks, Television or Jingles

Do you need to capture the emotion of your feature film or television episode with the right musical score? Or maybe your needs are for attention grabbing 15-, 30-, and 60-second radio spots. Contact Vahagn and tell him about your project, what you are envisioning, and he will capture the emotion of your project. Be Prepared to Discuss: Estimate of total minutes of music needed, Schedule & Deadline, Soundtrack album royalties (if applicable).


• Mixing & Mastering

For mixing your tracks, you will need to send me every single track. We accept only MULTITRACK sources. Each track at max volume, but not exceeding 0dB peak. Mention track tempo in BPM. When your track is ready for mastering, upload one of your mixes and I'll e-mail you a link to download the mastered file within a day or two. Peaks should not exceed -2 / -3 dB! All master BUS processing should be switched off in your sequencer.


• Live Online Lessons

How Online Lessons Works: All you need is a web cam on your computer along with Skype. The video conferencing technology is really wonderful. The only thing we can't do is play together at the same time. There's a latency problem when it comes to playing at the same time. That's about the only drawback. The way it works is, I have you play...then I listen and watch...Then I play and YOU listen and watch... it works GREAT!! Simply send an email to Vahagn for more information, letting him know you are interested in live, one on one online private lessons.


When you're ready to take the next step, please contact Vahagn directly at

We look forward to helping you with all your musical needs.